How to Make Team Building at the Office

Don’t worry, there is a way to organize cheap simple and effective team building right in your office. Team building activities and games are supposed to be not only educational, but also enjoyable. Here is how you can do it:

Think of an Interesting Activities

Team building at the office doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your colleagues have to make party at the office. You can figure our many more creative options and team building means doing something together as a team. You can get plenty interesting ideas on Internet – role-playing games, puzzles, quizzes etc.. The important thing is to make people do something together. You can divide in teams and play some game with words and associations. After while stop and make new teams to make everyone interact equally with each other.

Another wonderful idea is to make karaoke evening at the office – all you need is to get a microphone – there are free karaoke simulators on-line. Or make a workshop or brainstorming meeting. Employee motivation increases commonly with such activities.

Get Some Treats

If you can afford it is a good idea to hire some local catering company to provide you with delicious and energizing food for your team building gathering. No matter how tight your budget is it won’t cost you a fortune to buy at least some tea, coffee and sweets or cookies. Another thing you can do is to ask everyone to bring something they have cooked at home – like we do at housewarming parties. In my opinion this is the best option. And one more thing – don’t bring alcohol. After all you need to bond your team, not to get them drunk. This never ends well.

Organize Office Space for the Team Building

If your company is a small, new start-up you probably your office isn’t very roomy. But there is way to increase the space – move the desks next to the walls and put the chairs in circles. You can make a long table from the desks and put the food and beverages on it.

Tidy up After the Team Building

After your gathering is over ask your team to help you tidy up and clean the office. This actually is a bonus team building activity – nothing brings people together as easy simple physical work such as cleaning. Distribute the task amongst your employees and leave the office in perfect order. Unfortunately sometimes when you gather a lot of people an incident can happen – spilled food or beverage on your office’s carpet. Don’t get angry, or at least don’t show it to your employees. Try to remove to soak it carefully with a cloth. If stain occurs – don’t bother. Let your team building continue. You can always call some local cleaning company to deal with the spot later.