Arranging the Best Party Catering

Party food is one of the main factors to get right when planning an event. In your own home, you can usually get away with cooking yourself, or, failing that, do a round of shopping for snacks at the local supermarket. For bigger events or office parties, though, you’ll need help to get your party food right. But even if you’ve chosen professional party catering for your event it’s best to know what makes good party food, so you know what to ask for. Specialising in party catering Sydney and gourmet menu planning for other special events, we know what it takes to help you organise a successful and memorable experience.

Here are a few things to consider when arranging party food:

• The right amount of party food for the number of people

Often, party caterers will try to make you order more food than you think you need and you may think they are doing it to make more money off you. While this may be the case, party catering businesses do have a lot more experience at gauging the right amount of food. It’s always better to have a little bit too much party food than a bit too little (especially if the event is business related), so erring on the side of caution is advised.

• The right type of party food for the occasion

Sandwiches? Finger buffet? Sit down meal? Different events require different types of party food. Good party catering companies will be able to talk you through the options and show you pictures of table settings you can choose from. A buffet is a popular choice for many events, as it allows guests to choose their own dishes by sight and at their own pace. For serious or somber events, it’s important to avoid using party food that may be overly messy or complicated to eat. This is especially true for finger buffets where guests will be eating with their hands. You don’t want a load of embarrassed guests on your hands, all struggling to reach the napkins in time!

• Party food for special dietary requirements

If any of your guests are likely to have any special dietary requirements, it’s important to let your party catering company know in advance. Vegetarian options are pretty much standard nowadays, but increasingly so are gluten and sugar free options, as awareness of various food intolerances and food related medical conditions are on the rise.

• Party catering you can afford

The food you serve at your party is only one aspect of the whole event, so don’t stretch your budget too thin trying to achieve the perfect menu. Serving the right amount of party food to keep everyone happy is the most important thing, so if your budget is limited, discuss your options with your party catering advisor to see what options you have to make things achievable for you.

• Party catering you can trust

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing party catering is booking a company which is reliable and will provide good food. If you can’t get any recommendations from friends about good providers of party catering look for experience, testimonial reviews and comments, and check out photographs of the food on their website.

Taking note of these guidelines will help you provide delicious, memorable party food, suitable for the occasion and sure to impress your guests.