Why Women want a Hens Party

Is there anything wrong with women wanting a hens party? Absolutely not! A hens night venues Melbourne is considered the last event the women has to really let her hair down and be set free before she ties the knot.

There is more and more talk about women wanting to hit the top of Corporate Organisations, sit on Boards or just be seen on the same level as men.  A Hens Party allows the bride to be number one, bet at the top of her helm and truly bring out her inner self.

A hens party can be naughty or nice.  The controlling women (or should I say Bridezillas!) will organise the party themselves but really a hens party should be organised by the bridesmaids, the ladies/men (more and more brides are having men in their bridal party these days) the bride has entrusted to help her make it to the big day! Bridesmaids should know the Bride back to front so anything arranged should not leave the bride disgruntled and upset but instead over the moon from having had the night of her life.  That’s why women want a hens party! They want to remember their last night of freedom!

Remember a hens party does not need to be out of control.  If the bride would like a subdued last free night then you can give her one.  There are always little novelties, games, fun items which can be purchased to add a little naughtiness and fun to any hens party.  Day Spas, Scones and Tea, Themed dinner events are very popular for the quieter Brides.  For those wanting to hit the town then there are thousands of options! Dinner then a night club, party bus, winery tour, pole dancing, strippers, these are just some of the ideas.  You can even have the hens party at the brides house!! Bring the male model topless waiters to you, have the pizzas delivered by a stripper disguised as the pizza delivery boy, decorate the house, use your imagination!!!  Now can you see why women want a hens party.

Why wouldn’t women want a hens party when it means they can spend the day and night with their girlfriends.  How often is it that you get all your friends from all walks of life at the one place for you! But for a hens party and wedding they all come out of the woodwork, they wouldn’t miss it for the world. This is why women want a hens party.