Why People Love Cross Country Skiing

When it comes to winter outdoor sports, cross country skiing has a tendency to get overlooked. However there are a large number of reasons that it is an activity that a lot of people love. To some it is a grueling to sport and to others it is just a great way to spend a weekend. But if you have never tried it before, you may be wondering why people love cross country skiing. In fact, a lot of people are left wondering why this is such a popular activity because at a glance it seems a lot like distance running and few people finding the idea of running a marathon as a fun way to spend their days. Here is a quick look at some of the most common reasons that people love this sport. Heli skiing Canada offers 2- to 7-day packages for the time and adventure starved.

  1. The Exercise
    There are very few sports that don’t involve physical activity and cross country skiing is no exception. However, unlike many other activities, it is a fairly low impact form of exercise. If you have sore joints, especially knees, then this is a great source exercise. Plus, it is a full body workout. Your heart gets pumping, your legs are always working hard, and your core and heart are working hard too.
  2. Convenience
    One of the biggest problems with a normal ski vacation is that you will skiing for only a few hours a day and half of that time is going to be spent waiting in lines or sitting on lift. With cross country skiing this is never the case. Not only will you never be standing in lines, but you also don’t have to go to a big ski resort to have some fun. You can find established local trails, parks, or even Forest Service trails in nearly every state. As an added bonus, a weekend of cross country skiing is much less expensive than a weekend at a ski lodge.
  3. Simplicity
    One of the biggest problems that some people face is what to do with their kids or pets while they are skiing. With cross country skiing, this is never a problem. Not only is a family friendly activity, but a pet friendly activity as well. There are even “childrens sleighs” that you pull behind you, just like jobbing carts for toddlers. Along with ease of access, it is offers a simplicity in a more nature-centric way. With cross country skiing you can spend a day or several days enjoying everything that nature has to offer. While it may be a little more difficult that your average walk in the park, it is much more satisfying.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons that people enjoy cross country skiing. Some of the most common reasons include the low impact, full body exercise, the overall convenience, and simplicity of the entire thing. While some people will never understand the appear of this particular activity, if you like to be active and like to push your body, then cross country skiing might be exactly what you are looking for.