Top 5 Best Paint Protection Films for Your Car This Year

One important but often overlooked vehicle maintenance products is paint protection film.

This paint protection Adelaide actually bonds with the paint’s molecular properties and thus, creates a durable protective coating that has been proven to prevent harsh elements and pollutants from entering into the paint’s micropores that begins damaging/oxidizing the paint properties causing it to look dull, oxidized and worn off.

Clear paint protection films can be applied to areas of your car’s body where the paint may become scratched or nicked. Some vehicle owners will apply the film to the front of their vehicle to protect the paint from stone chips, sticky bug grime, and other debris. It can also be applied elsewhere on the car where the paint may become damaged, such as behind door handles or on the rocker panels.

You can choose to have paint protection film professionally installed or you can do it yourself. If you want to install paint protection film yourself, you’ll probably want to buy the product online as it’s cheaper than in a store and you’ll have a greater selection to choose from. In this post, we’re going to show you our preferred paint protection films, explain what’s good about them (or what may not be so good) and answer any questions you may have in regards to purchasing or installing such products.

1. Editor’s Pick: 3M Scotchgard

3m scotchgard clear paint protection film

We like 3M’s Scotchgard as it is a very long-lasting clear paint protection film. The 3M company is also a global leader in films, adhesive products, and laminates. The company’s paint protection film is a clear polyurethane film that is 8 mils (0.0008″) thick with adhesive backing.

This very thin, transparent film can be applied to the front of your vehicle, acting as a clear “bra” to shield your car from debris. Users say it’s long lasting, extremely sticky and relatively easy to apply—although working with vinyl film can be tricky if you’ve never done it before.

We’d suggest buying more of this film than you think you’ll need. That way you will have some leftover if you make a mistake and you will also have addition film if you ever want to reapply it to your vehicle.

While this product is very thin and thus hard to see once applied, some users say it is too thin. We’d suggest it to those who wish to protect their vehicle’s paint but want the protective film to go unnoticed.

2. XPEL Clear Paint Protection Film

xpel surface protection film

XPEL is a well-known purveyor of automotive paint protection products and we’d comfortably suggest its paint protection film to any vehicle owner. Like 3M’s Scotchgard paint protection film, XPEL’s product is a clear polyurethane film that is 8 mils thick. It’s available in three different sizes: 6″ by 25″, 6″ by 60″, and 6″ by 84″.

This film is nearly invisible when applied and goes on even clearer than 3M’s Scotchgard film. It’s not as protective as the 3M Scotchgard, however, and is a bit pricier.

XPEL also makes a very high-quality door sill clear film guard for protecting your door sills and rocker panels from scratches, swirls or damage.

3. SunTek Top Coated Paint Protection Film

suntek top coated paint protection film

SunTek’s paint protection film is typically only sold in large quantities (it’s typically used by professionals, hence the bulk unit sizes) but that makes it good for covering the entire front end of your car or truck, including the hood. It also means you’ll have lots left over if you want to cover other parts of your vehicle, apply it to another vehicle or have some spare film for later. The film also has a lot of household uses.

SunTek’s film is a “self-healing” polyurethane film that is 8 mils thick. If scratches or swirls appear in the film, just pour hot water over it and they’ll disappear. SunTek also sells matte film in addition to the usual gloss film, so it can be used on matte paint jobs. It’s also backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Compared to 3M film, SunTek’s goes on clearer, although the adhesive is not as sticky and 3M film is also not “self healing.”

4. Karlor Vinyl Wrap Film

Karlor’s vinyl wrap film is the least expensive product on this list.

It doesn’t have the same quality as 3M Scotchgard, for example, but will save you a little bit of money up front. The manufacturer says this product has an acrylic-based adhesive that’s not overly sticky, making it easy to reposition during installation. It predicts the film will last around 4-7 years outdoors and up to 10 years indoors. This particular product is made from PVC and is 0.17 mm thick.

While not backed by a reputable manufacturer like 3M, this film is inexpensive, will go on clear, and will protect your car from scratches and nicks.

5. VViViD Clear Paint Protection Film

vvivid vinyls clear paint protection film

This paint protection film from VViViD aims to be easy to apply—it can be stretched without having to use a heat gun and features “ultra conformable” compounds so it will contour to whatever you’re trying to apply it to. Like Karlor’s film, this product features air-release acrylic-based adhesive that can easily be repositioned, installed, and removed without the need of harmful chemicals.

This inexpensive film is also highly resistant to abrasions, light damage, and yellowing, the manufacturer says.

With a cheap entry-price and good durability, the VViViD Clear Paint Protection Film is a decent product, although we’d say it’s inferior to others from 3M, XPEL, and SunTek.