The Magical Effects of Using Pilates for Chronic Pain Relief

Doing a Pilates teacher training Sydney gives you the opportunity for a career teaching Pilates and can be incredibly rewarding in so many ways and not just financially. For many us who have experienced pain in the neck and shoulders, lower back, hips, knees or ankles or suffered from a major physical injury, Pilates has been proven to work towards pain relief. Many doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors have high regard for Pilates and its exercises as means for pain relief. Many have recommended it to their patients as a method for the body to return to good health. It is also a great rehabilitation treatment tool.

Proper posture, good breathing mechanics, development of core strength and flexibility are just some of the examples of what we can benefit from pilates exercises. The learning of these different techniques in Pilates, which we also termed as the fundamentals and then integrating them into our daily life can aid in prevention of injuries. In fact, Pilates is also called “The Intelligent Exercise”, helping us to achieve “the intelligent body.”

Besides, Pilates also improves the joints range of motion, develop muscular strength and endurance. All these helped the body to achieve better limb and muscular motion which is usually lost during injuries. “The Pilates Method” is about mind and body connection. It is about making us aware of how our body works and moves. This awareness brings about a sense of total well being.

Pilates can be done both on mat and on machines like the reformer. Pilates exercises for pain relief are specific and require an experienced pilates professional who is well trained in rehabilitation. Although most people tend to think that Pilates mat exercises are great for beginners, it is very tough when the body is injured or de-conditioned; machine exercises are generally preferred. For instance, the reformer helps to support the core when it is weak but challenges it when the core muscles get stronger. Results are fast and the body can enjoy a better state of health quicker when compared against Pilates Matwork.

Here are some benefits for using Pilates for pain relief:

Improves Blood Circulation

As with injury or pain, it is normal to assume it is safer not to move the joint but to keep it still. It is however, not the case. If there is no fracture or major trauma, it is good to do gentle movement like stretching within the joint’s permissible range of motion to improve blood circulation. Movement has to be controlled, slow and gentle in the beginning. As the joint’s range of motion improves, it can be challenged further depending on that particular joint’s state of injury.

Blood supply can flow better through the area. Toxins are also eliminated as increased circulation also makes the blood get faster to the muscles making them recover quicker and more energized as the muscle cells require oxygen from the blood to function well. This helps in relieving soreness and pain in all parts of the body.

Improves Range of Motion

When Pilates movements specific to the injured area are encouraged, it might start with small range as the ligaments and tendons of a injured joint are naturally stiff and tight. With time, specific Pilates exercises helps in improving the range of motion possible.

Our sacroiliac joint (SI), situated between the hip (pelvic) and lower back (sacrum) and vital in providing the spine some form of shock absorption, is vulnerable to a condition known as SI dysfunction. It is a common reason behind many back pain cases. Pilates has exercises specifically designed for increasing stability in the lower back area (lumbar spine) and bring instant relief for people suffering with SI joint dysfunction. A painful back is never easy and limits the range of movement a person can perform. Not only that, it inhibits one from doing a lot of simple daily activities and enjoying life.

Improves Awareness or Body and Mind Connection

Pilates pain relief exercises can help to develop your mind as much as it can for the body. The exercises are directed toward developing the body and the mind as “ONE” and achieve wellness as a whole. The exercises train you to make the mind grab absolute control of the body. With the mind controlling the muscles, it prompts you to be fully focused on the exercises. In the process, the muscles are uniformly developed and the brain cells get to work efficiently and effectively together. This balance-and-control technique improves the body as a system that works in sync in work and play.

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