Pilates Fitness Training – A Whole New World of Exercise

Have you grown weary and bored of your usual exercise routine? Does your exercise program cause you more stress than relaxation? Do you feel that you have not really achieved the kind of body shape you wanted so much? If your answer is a definite yes to all this questions, then today is your day! Pilates Northern Beaches fitness program is here for you.

You see, you don’t have to suffer forever from those difficult to execute exercises. Pilates fitness is an alternative that is just perfect for a dynamic and adventurous person like you. There is one special individual to commend in this case and that is Joseph H. Pilates who was altogether a skin diver, skier, and a skilled gymnast. Before he became any of those though, he was a sickly child who fortunately had a lot of exercise motivation.

He actually developed the Pilates fitness program for victims of the war who had various injuries. Then, his first students were dancers who saw the benefits of his method enough to adapt them. From there, Pilates exercise became so popular that the dancers extended to physically challenged individuals, elderly people, health enthusiasts to movie actors and actresses.

Now, you may wonder what Pilates fitness is really all about. Pilates is consists of gradual and purposeful movements that is focused on the core muscles of the body. The core muscles include the ones on the abdomen and the back. The philosophy behind the Pilates fitness regime is that if one develops the muscles in the midsection of the body, then the rest will have the energy and stamina to take on more.

As such, one is guided through a slow development from executing small-scale movements to large-scale actions as confidence increases. Pilates motion that runs from the core towards the extremities allows greater control of joints in the body. Likewise, injuries are far from happening in this sense.

This is especially needed for those who are at the prime of their lives. Most of time, control, and balance decreases with age. But with Pilates fitness training, the elderly are able to gain an improved posture, coordination, flexibility, and strength. It is even highly recommended for those who have undergone surgical operations such as a hip replacement.

However, this kind of exercise is not all physical. The most essential part of the exercise is the much-needed concentration that allows the mind to get harmonized with the body. In this way, it is much like yoga or meditation. Similarly, Pilates incorporates proper breathing with exercises that are done on the mat or with some Pilates exercise equipment.

There are equipments that are specifically designed for Pilates fitness training. It includes the following the reformer, the pedipull, the cadillac, the barrel and the chair. Unlike the usual weight training though, exercises done on these machines are more focused on mind concentrations to execute the proper form. In particular, the abdomen and the buttocks exert all the effort while the extremities are fully out-stretched. Polestarpilates experts in physiotherapy in Northern Beaches area.

Evidently, Pilates fitness training is a whole new world of exercise. If you’re the type who wants to achieve a slimmer body that is also strong and well toned, then Pilates is the one for you.

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