Paint Color Apps To Select The Next Color For Your Home

Painting your home is all about choosing the right color. You may love the Periwinkle shade of pink or your current favorite may be Sun Porch yellow. But, will the shades look beautiful on the walls? Sometimes, you may love a particular color but it may not translate beautifully on the walls. Lucky for you, there are a couple of options other than buying the usual paint tester pots at the local home improvement store. Help protect you paint from harsh road conditions with Scotchgard paint protection Adelaide Film from 3M.

Technology to simplify your Choice!

It is amazing how you can choose from a plethora of color options and narrow the list to a select few. Let’s take a look at few of the popular home painting apps that are easy to use.

1. Color Capture by Benjamin Moore

With Color Capture, you can easily match the colors of a picture and get a few more closest shades to help you make the decision. The app allows you to not only browse through all the Benjamin Moore paint color families and collections but it also offers you the opportunity to share your favorites on social media and obtain reviews from your friends.

If you are confused about choosing a paint color, Benjamin Moore offers ideas and inspiration for painting living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and every other part of your home.

The Paint Calculator option allows you to ascertain the amount of paint that you need to color the room. If you are using the same color for more than one rooms, simply add the total square footage of all the rooms to get an estimate.

Once you have chosen the color palette for your room, you can select the nearest store and buy the color to begin painting.

2. Color Snap by Sherwin Williams

It is one of the most comprehensive paint apps that allows you to explore colors beautifully. You can select color palettes on the basis of any picture in your phone or tab. You can even scan a number from the Sherwin Williams color card and check how it will look in your home. Alternatively, there is the option of choosing color options from its Digital Color Wall. Once you have selected the colors, you can use the sample scenes available in the app or upload any of your pictures to see how the color will look.

The app is ideal for homeowners who haven’t narrowed it down to a few color options. You can take inspiration from different photos of wildlife, cuisine, outdoors and several other things to find the next color for your home.

The Color Snap app gives you ratings of different Sherwin Williams products that are ideal for every room of the house.

You can also locate the nearest store with it and calculate the amount of paint required to give new color to your home.

3. Project Color by The Home Depot

Project Color is a home painting app by The Home Depot, a premier home improvement supplies company. It is a simple app with three main functions:

See it – After you click a picture from your phone or upload one in the app, you can pick your favorite color and see how it looks on the walls. You can play with the Image Tools and edit the lighting to see how the color will look in different lights.

Match It – It is similar to other apps where you can click a picture and find the exact match of the colors. The most amazing feature of the app is its “live feature”. You can move your camera and get real-time feed of different colors in the frame. You can then select the color of your choice and check how it looks on the walls of your home.

Find it – You can view all the different paints and stains available with The Home Depot. Also, you will be able to see your favorite colors options and recently viewed colors here.

The best thing about the app is that once you have picked out your favorite colors, you can shop for it from the company’s online store. You can even share with your friends to get their view on your choice.

The Final Decision

When it comes to using mobile apps for choosing a paint color, many homeowners complain that the actual painting results vary from the results they see in the app. It is essential to remember that on-screen color representation differs in reality. The actual painting result depends on the color choice, painting technique, number of coats, etc. But, it doesn’t mean that you avoid using the apps. They are useful in helping you explore different color options. You can get an idea of how the paint color will look in your home. And, once you have shortlisted a few options, you can opt for paint samples and testers to make the final decision. It means you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Happy Painting!

Are you thinking of painting your home? Are you unsure about the painting colors for different rooms? Allow our color consultants to guide you in making the final decision.