Huge Variety of Asian Food

Best Asian Fusion Melbourne embrace innovation and creativity, and Melbourne boasts some of the top restaurants in the country. If you love to taste different food across country, try to get treated to a banquet of delights featuring the gastronomic cultures of countries from India to China and from Singapore to Japan. Asian cuisine is known for its rich flavors and signature cooking techniques found throughout the region.

Some famous dishes such as spicy Indian Curry, Japanese Shabu Shabu, Korean Bibimbap, Chinese Dim Sum, and Singapore Chili Crab showcase the diversity and intricacy of Asian cuisine.

A rich and increasingly original variety of Asian foods are available all over the world, at restaurants and in supermarkets.

People are increased sophistication about food in general has been fueled by new tastes acquired while traveling overseas and by the growing number of immigrants living here who have created a market for the Asian cuisine they left behind. The popularity of vegetarianism has also sparked interest in Asian cuisine.

There is no diet or food group in Asian cuisine any more than there is any one American or European set of foods. Peanut and coconut combines of the tropical Southeast, Indian curries, barbecued beef of Central Asian steppes, familiar Chinese stir-fried dishes and Japanese sushi-it’s all have a lot of variety and yet it’s all Asian.

Among the popular Asian food, there is Chinese food. Chinese food term can be misleading because there are many Chinese styles of cooking. The meal known as dim sum is a long tradition in southern China which usually eaten at breakfast or lunch. Dim sum consists of many courses of bite-sized portions and ingredients variety.

Japanese cooking also enjoys a reputation as very healthy food and has become popular in the United States. Food is usually in fried or steam cooking style and cut into small pieces.

Singapore is a cosmopolitan country which has a mixed population of Chinese, Indians, Malays, and some Europeans. There is a lot of Asian culinary art school here.

Each ethnic group in Singapore has its own food traditions. While vegetarian food is cooked according to both Chinese and Hindu recipes, Muslim food comes in both Malay and Indian styles.

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