Digital Trends in Painting

Tv storyboard are a powerful way to visually present information; the linear direction of the cells is perfect for storytelling, explaining a process, and showing the passage of time. We can’t imagine our lives without computers and other devices that is why it is quite logical that it integrates to all spheres. That is why digital art appeared that is usually created with the help of modern high-tech equipments. This kind of art is only finding its place in the family of visual arts and faces with many difficulties, but it gains more and more popularity with each day, so you should know the main tendencies.

  • Matte painting

Matte painting is used in film production, when an artist paints the background that can’t be found in real life or it can’t be reached at the moment of filming. At first unreal elements were drawn by hands on a glass and were exposed to the real background, but later progress in computer technique enabled drawings with the help of tablets. And though now there are a lot of high-tech tools and programs, matte painting( is still popular with artists.

  • Tradigital art

Tradigital art combines traditional and computer techniques in creating pictures. This term comprises a lot of art forms, such as: tradigital animation that united classical animating techniques and computer animation an led to tradigital television that is expressed in form of various forms, based on the tradigital animation; tradigital printing that allows an artist to expand his abilities and scan and store various artworks and work with them on the computer; tradigital creatives that change the sense of art – perception of art with the help of voice, not eyes, prevalence of experience over the hidden messages and predominance of the ability to make solutions over the smartness.

  • Digital illustration

Digital illustration, which means the production of pictures by the artist, but with the use of a computer and its tools – a tablet or a mouse. This kind of art differs from Photoshop changes of a photograph, because it can be compared to a painting on a blank canvas, only referring to the clean screen.

  • Light painting

Light painting is widely used in making photographs, when a source of light is used either to underline peculiar traits of the object or to show the play of the shadow and the light before the camera; to get more creative effect the camera can also be moved along with the composition. The artist isn’t limited by usual things; he can make portraits or cityscapes with the help of varicolored lights that change the perception of the common objects.

  • Concept art

Concept art is a picture that is used in film production, video games and comic books. Nowadays computer technologies allow easy blending of colors that is why an artist can work with tablet or a mouse as free, as I with canvas an brushes. The main topics that are used in concept art are science fiction and fantasy, so it is widely used in computer games. Modern concept art techniques allow to correct the picture as much, as the painter needs, so that his work can later be used in a continuation of a particular product, such as game or book.

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