Corporate Picnics – Let Your Employees Unwind

A corporate picnic Sydney is an ideal way of incorporating some fun into the work place. Employees, especially of large firms, believe that their employers consider them to be statistics rather than real human beings. If a company wants to improve or increase productivity it needs to convince its employees of the exact opposite. Providing a safe and relaxed environment to work in is a guaranteed way to make the employees feel comfortable and hence produce more and do more work without protesting. A company or section picnic gives the people a chance to get to know each other and become more comfortable working with them.

A higher comfort level will enhance communication between the employees increasing productivity. The employees will hold on to all the good memories, which will help them through the tough times. Using inflatable obstacle courses and/or Team games is a good way to test competitive spirit among your employees. These obstacle courses can bring out hidden talents in your employees. When a low performer from work beats his colleagues at the obstacle course he is proving his hidden potential. It is also a great morale booster, motivating him or her to perform better.

It is also a signal for his boss to check the work profile of the employee and decide whether to reassign him to a different department. If the boss can sort out the problem the employee will perform with the same agility with which he tackled the obstacle course. If there are going to be kids at the picnic, you are going to need to arrange for their entertainment as well. Face painters and a balloon artist are a must. The balloons will give the kids something to play with even after the performer has finished creating a piece for them.

Face painters add color to the event and get the kids all excited. An air brush tattoo artist is also a good option. An inflatable moonwalk is a good way to keep the kids contained and entertained. Putting up a small swimming pool is also a great way to occupy the kids. Be sure to hire handlers to supervise the kids while the adults are away enjoying themselves.

Tips in choosing the right venue is vital so that the picnic goes off smoothly. Factor in all the activities, the number of heads, the food and drink requirements, power requirements and of course the season while deciding on the venue. A park is the best area you could have picnic at, but check for rules and procedures with the Park Authorities. All this planning can be quite painful and time consuming. Leave it all to a professional planner and rest assured that your picnic will be a hit.

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