A Healthy Gut Means a Healthy Pregnancy

If you are unable to break free from unhealthy habits – whether it’s addictive television programming or a chaotic eating style – then your child is at risk for developing a disrupted digestive system. Even a few days without solid foods can change the way your child sheds and absorbs nutrients, leading to development problems later in life. I’ve been studying the effects of a healthy gut on pregnancy for over ten years and have developed a protocol that pregnant women can use to effectively obtain this important benefit. In The Right Way, author Elisa Pandolfo explains how our bodies naturally process nutrients, and how disruption in this process can cause problems for both mom and baby. Avoid eating fatty foods and get enough sleep that is how to get pregnant fast.

A healthy gut means a healthy baby. How does this happen? It happens when you engage in good habits that promote gut health. Baby formulas, for example, should be smooth and creamy without any gritty aftertaste. Fast-paced activity such as jogging, or riding a bicycle is also good for the gut and baby. Exercise interrupts the absorption of drugs such as aspirin, which lowers blood pressure and makes it easier for the baby to get rid of excess cholesterol.

A healthy gut is a recipe for bigger brains and a happier life. Your digestive system is like a computer that sorts through everything you eat and drinks to make sure it supplies needed nutrients. When your gut is working properly it keeps you full, satisfied, and mentally sharp. Pregnant women who ate a balanced diet and used the right supplements had babies who were more resilient to disease.

A healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do for your baby’s health. Your body needs a lot of nutrients in order to grow and develop properly. You probably don’t want to give your child an unhealthy digestive system, as this could lead to a lack of nutrients for the baby in the coming months or even years. A healthy gut also allows you to pass along beneficial microbes (good bacteria) which can contribute to a positive immune system and overall well-being.

There is some evidence that consuming fibre may help improve a pregnant woman’s baby’s gut health. The reason is because the lining of your gut protects the baby from harmful substances in the environment. Having a healthy gut also means fewer ingrown hairs on your infant’s head and reduced risk of eczema in summer. And if you are like me and love pizza, then these are also pretty good reasons to start eating healthier.