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SEO Quotes From Specialists in Search Marketing

Not all information found online is created equal and it’s easy to get pushed and pulled in the wrong direction. To help you cut through all the clutter, I scoured the internet and found the top 10 timeless SEO quotes to guide your strategy. Even if Google unleashes an update tomorrow, these quotes will still hold true. SEO consulting Sydney always considers a strategy that works for everybody.

One of the best things about the internet is instant access to just about any information you need. When researching search engine optimization (SEO), this is especially true.


Using SEO tricks or hacks is like trying to beat the house in Vegas. Sure, you might get a couple of quick wins, but in the long run you’re bound to lose because “the house always wins.”

In other words, SEO is an asset. It’s like buying real estate and investing to remodel your kitchen and bath. That work will increase the value of your home so that you can sell it in the future for a profit.

Good SEO work only gets better over time.– Jill Whalen (@jillwhalen),

— Dave Naylor (@DaveNaylor), Managing Director

You’re ignoring the most important part of SEO– your customers when you design your website for Google’s search engine spider. At the end of the day, ranking # 1 in Google is completely worthless if your website is not designed properly to convert that traffic into sales and leads!

The goal of SEO is not to rank # 1. The goal is to generate leads and sales for your business.

“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider.”

Even if you’re using other tactics like Radio, tv, and print, you still need an SEO strategy to ensure you’re not losing customers when they turn to the internet to do more research.

“On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way Print, radio, and tv are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.”– Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager, Bing

If your prospective customers are searching in Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find your products or services, you need an SEO strategy. More and more people are using multiple channels to research products and services and search engines are often part of the mix.

This is one of my favorite SEO quotes because it’s so simple, yet so true. Google’s mission is to organize all the information online and present it so that the “best” is at the top of the search results.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”– Wendy Piersall

How does Google determine what is “best”?

Google’s algorithm takes into account many factors, but one of the most important signals is the number of websites that reference, or link, to the information. Each link is like a vote in that website’s favor telling Google that it deserves to rank high in the search results.

One of the big misconceptions about SEO is that it’s all about tricking Google to get your website to rank high.

With that in mind, the goal of SEO is to make it as easy as possible for Google to find your website (by using proper HTML code, writing relevant copy, designing for ease of use, optimizing page load speed) and then to give Google a reason to rank your website higher than all the other relevant websites (by publishing better and more robust information, getting more links, more online PR).

Again, it’s important to consider Google’s mission. They want to organize all the information online and present it to the searcher so that only the best websites are at the top of the results page.

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google.– Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

Again, the goal of SEO is not to rank # 1, it’s to generate sales and leads.

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’– it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.”– Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG

That means your SEO strategy starts with finding the right keywords that will ultimately drive conversions for your business. Use Google’s Keywords Planner Tool to search for relevant keywords. Take it one step further to organize all the keywords you find into two categories:



As you can probably guess, the buying-intent keywords are the ones where the person searching is most likely looking to make a purchase. The research-intent keywords are the ones where the searcher is most likely just doing research.

Focus your SEO efforts on the buying-intent keywords first to give you the best chance to drive sales and leads.

The sad truth with SEO is that most people will not find your website unless you’re on the first search results page. Keep in mind there are only 10 spots available and likely tens of thousands or even tens of millions of other websites vying for those coveted spots.

Think about how hard it is to double the amount of visitors to your website. You’ll have to invest more in SEO, advertising, social media, email marketing, and/or another marketing tactic to drive more website traffic.

Now consider the fact that you would get the same impact on your business if instead, you focused on doubling your website conversion rates.

“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.”– Anonymous.

I’ll admit, I “LOL ‘d” when I first read this quote.

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”– Jeff Eisenberg

In the past, publishing more and more content was a great tactic to expand the reach of your SEO. As you publish more articles about different topics, your website has more opportunities to rank in Google.

“Better content is outweighing more content.”– Rand Fishkin.

Due to Google’s recent algorithm updates, quality outweighs quantity. Always keep this in mind and resist the urge to cut corners on quality in an attempt to publish webpages faster.

Present a stronger, more compelling offer.

Change the layout of your pages so that your offer is more easy to see.

Offer free information in exchange for an email address so you can follow up and convert over a longer time frame.

Use retargeting ads to bring prospects (that didn’t convert) back to your website.

Add a lightbox popup so your offer can’t be missed.

Many businesses took that tactic to the extreme and started to publish low quality articles in an attempt to scale up article production at lower costs.

(Traffic to your website) x (Conversion rate) = (leads or sales).

How can you double your conversion rate? Try some of the following ideas:.

“What gets measured gets improved.”– Peter Drucker.

This quote highlights a recent shift in SEO.

Many businesses ignore this simple truth.

Your conversion rate is the number of sales or leads you generate from your website divided by the total number of visitors. As you can see from that equation, you can either double your traffic or double your conversion rate and the result will be the same.

It’s simple math…

Peter Drucker was not specifically talking about SEO in this quote, but it’s an important point that deserves to make this list.

What needs to be measured in SEO?

This may come as a surprise, but tracking your rankings alone is worthless! Your rankings should of course be measured, but they tell an incomplete story.

Good SEO work only gets better over time. Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. Good SEO work only gets better over time. Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. That means your SEO strategy starts with finding the right keywords that will ultimately drive conversions for your business.

Good SEO work only gets better over time. Successful SEO is not about tricking Google.

Even more important than your rankings is your website traffic from SEO and your website conversions from SEO. Check out first the ranking of a client site before doing a recommendation.

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Pilates For Aged People

When Pilates was first invented, it was so new and specialized that only a very few trained practitioners could do the exercises. However, in the past few years the use of Pilates exercises has become common in the United States. There are many professionals spread across the whole country running Pilates studios staffed with certified instructors. The only sports medicine that you can try first is physio Northern Beaches.

People who follow the Pilates exercise program discover many benefits like better body posture, improved muscle flexibility, and balance. The program is so good that of all the exercise programs out there nothing compares to Pilates for aged people. The seniors can now do exercises that are safe and effective.

The American Association of Retired Persons states that the stretching and strengthening of the core muscles through Pilates is a very good way of warding off the effects of aging.

Apart from the physical benefits, Pilates is also helpful in providing relief from stress and tension. Elderly people will increasingly need to keep up their strength and range of motion and Pilates can help them achieve that target with ease. There are several ailments associated with age like back pain, joint pain, etc. and Pilates can not only provide relief but it can also increase spinal and joint strength to avoid these problems. This is why doctors recommend Pilates for aged people.

The best aspect of Pilates is that it is not difficult or stressful as a normal workout. When you start out, your own strength and stamina will control how far you can go with each exercise. Unlike weight training, there is no goal of gaining a certain muscle mass or losing so much fat. The only goal, if one needs it, is the general improvement health.

Pilates is more about mental control over your body than anything else. The first thing you will learn in your Pilates instruction is how to control your breathing, your balance, your muscles, and finally, how to control the coordination between all these.

Pilates involves what is known as Lateral Breathing. In Lateral Breathing, you inhale deeply through your nose and force the inhaled air to expand your ribcage. This sort of breathing is also known as Thoracic Breathing.

The Pilates exercise can help anyone achieve good health, vitality at any age. While important and beneficial to all, Pilates for aged people is necessary because as we grow older we start losing control and coordination of our muscles. Not only is this physically inconvenient but it can also lead to several emotional problems which are best avoided at a time when life ought to be restful and full of peace.

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The Best Foods For Improving Gut Health

Growing research is finding that a healthy microbiome, the ecosystem made up of billions of bacteria living in your body, is a key component to overall wellness. It can reduce the risk of a range of ailments – including inflammation, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and even dementia – and help burn body fat to maintain a healthy weight. Folic acid is considered to be a good food for pregnancy.

But to maintain this delicate ecosystem of beneficial microbes, most of which lives in your gut, you need to feed it properly. Anything with probiotics – a.k.a. good bacteria – can help replenish this vital source of health. Here are the foods most likely to do the job.


The king of probiotics, this dairy product is the go-to source for beneficial bacteria. Regardless of whether you like Greek or regular, low-fat or full-fat, what matters if the label “live active cultures”, which signifies the presence of good bacteria. While you can go with a fruit-infused blend, be sure not to exceed 15 grams of sugar per serving – any more than that, and you will be feeding the bad gut bacteria with the sugar they love.


Similar to yogurt, this fermented milk drink is smooth, slightly tangy, and rich in dozens of probiotics. It is also 99 percent lactose-free, making it ideal for those who are lactose intolerant (though start with a small amount just to make sure). Plus, kefir has anywhere from eight to 11 grams of protein per cup, and just 100 calories, meaning it can fill you up well on a diet.

Miso Paste

Dairy isn’t the only source of probiotics: made from aged and fermented soybeans, this paste is chock full of good bacteria. Available in a variety of colors and flavors, this low-calorie foodstuff is a great way to add earthy, savory flavor to your meal. It is also full of protein, fiber, and vitamin K. Miso is ideal for glazing fish or chicken before cooking, mixing into stir-fry, or adding to liquid to make a miso broth. Note that it is somewhat high in sodium.


Speaking for fermented soybeans, this variety is available in a cake-like form, and offers a nuttier, tangier alternative to tofu. It can be used in sandwiches, stir-fries, or even marinated and grilled on its own. Aside from probiotics, tempeh contains around 15 grams of protein per half-cup and is a good source of iron. Like most soy products, it can also help reduce cholesterol.

Kombucha Tea

Fizzy, tangy, and with a slight vinegar-like kick, kombucha has become a very trendy health drink. The tea is naturally carbonated by “scoby”, floating particulate matter that is actually the bacteria and yeast that creates the probiotics. It is better to buy it from the store than to make it yourself, since it can be difficult and can make you sick. The fermentation process creates trace amounts of alcohol, so stick to one 12-oz bottle daily.


A popular condiment for hotdogs, this fermented cabbage has ancient roots as a source of probiotics. However, the canned stuff lacks good bacteria, so stick to anything fresh or refrigerated. Eat it alone or mixed into other foods.

Sourdough Bread

This chewy bread gets its notably sour tinge from lactic acid starter, which offers a strain of bacteria called lactobacillus, a very important probiotics. Sourdough is also a healthy choice for those with diabetes, as its rich fiber and whole grain content helps reduce blood sugar spikes. Learn more about gut health during pregnancy.

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